Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Winter Season: Do you REALLY know what time it is? Scriptural References: Ecclesiastes 3

As I was talking to my sister Keena on the phone last night about the cold winds that were tearing my behinds up when I checked the mailbox at my apt complex, I noticed just how much I LOATHE the winter season.

Here are my thoughts...

Before I began studying the Word and attempting to live this Christian walk, my reasons for HATING (yes, I know it’s a bad word) winter was simply based on the EPIC drop in temperature. You see, I’m a “summer baby” which means I was born May 4th (for your 2012 b-day calendar reference LOL) so I’m accustomed to shorts, skirts, sleeveless shirts and SUNSHINE.

PLUS, I’m from Louisiana so even though I’ve lived in the Midwest for about 13 years, my natural climate is Southern Style: blistering heat, mild winters, and FLOODs from all the rain mixed with a poor sewer/drainage system (another blog).

Now that I’m older in age (more experienced and traveled to a few states) and more mature (realistic) in the faith, I can see how EVERYONE, non-believers included, needs a WINTER season in their lives. If you don’t know what I mean by “winter” season, then please read below.

Winter is the only season that…

A. Most if not all plants and things that blossom subject to the elements DIE

B. FORCES you to MANAGE/PLAN your time more effectively

C. PREVENTS you from engaging in certain activities due to fear of a FATALITY/INJURY

So to sum it up, winter is a season of DEATH, RESTRICTION and ACCOUNTABILITY – 3 things I despise!

I’m spoiled. Receive it into your spirit LOL, because I have embraced it. I’m the youngest of 4 girls + 1 boy sooooo somebody had to be the baby…who better than Tam, right? Right!

So with most young’ns we do NOT understand when someone tells us NO. Even though I’m a ripe 26-year old professional upper-body dancer, I still struggle with NO and NOT NOW. I’m stubborn, impatient and VERRRRRY self-centered so I want a through reason from YOU and the LORD ALMIGHTY on why I can’t have WHAT I want, WHO I want and WHEN I want them. Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

You might call it DEATH…I call it the robbery of LIFE.

You might call it RESTRICTION…I call it punishment and control.

You might call it ACCOUNTABILITY…I call it “getting on my LAST nerve” and “nosiness”

As Keena & I were discussing the spiritual application of this cycle of seasons, she brought up a GREAT point: after the winter, comes Spring. I must say that the LORD knows that I need a sister in my life to remind me that despite the long, sometimes unbearable season of winter, boo boo SPRING will come!

Are you shouting?! If not, you must not be saved ahahahahahahahahahha j/k…well kinda LOL

I will let her write about the breakthroughs we have access to if we can just HOLD ON ‘til Spring comes, but this blog right here is for the REALITY of the WINTER SEASONS we must get through in order to arrive at Spring.

Why is it so important to understand the purpose of WINTER?

It’s important because no matter HOW HARD WE PRAY, HOW MANY TIMES WE TRY TO BLACK IT OUT ON OUR SPIRITUAL CALENDARS, this cold, lonely and harsh condition is INEVITABLE so we MUST prepare for it. Amen? Amen :-) 

A lack of preparation will yield poor results and sadly, a weaker spirit than what we can embody if we had remained focused and OBEDIENT to what OLD MAN WINTER commanded.

You don’t wanna DIE before Spring comes and that rebirth or renewal ceases to exist, do you? So what suggestions does Tam have for us to BATTLE WINTER & WIN, WIN, WIN no matter what?!

1. Acknowledge what time it is.

A. Attire – does it fit the weather pattern? Are you covered?

B. Arrangement – did you squeeze a few extra minutes to your day to account for the weather?

C. Attitude – do you REFUSE to accept the season that has come upon you or are you determined to make it to Spring?

 2. Prepare

A. Worst-case scenario – are your ducks in a row? Do you have spiritual resources on deck just in case you need to make a spiritual withdrawal?

B. Are you fit for the journey ahead? Are you prayed up? What will you PREVENT from RE-OCCURING from last season? Have you set up booby-traps for Satan or just yourself?

3. Adjust your schedule as the STORM(s) arise.

A. We can buy the most advanced almanac, subscribe to the most intelligent (reliable) forecasters, but when GOD says STORM COME or STORM GO, trust me, even lil ol' me can't change it. So although we prepare, plan ahead, leave work 20 minutes early, warm up our car for an extra 5 minutes, buy hat/gloves/pea coats/CarHarts if the temperature is below freezing, all we can do is ADJUST & KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

B. Don't quit, your soul deserves better. Heck, your inner circle (most imptly the LORD) deserves better from you!

C. If all it takes is a $200 gas bill from MGE or $500 KCP&L bill to shut you down, put you into extreme hibernation and POSTPONE God's work in your life, then why are you even reading this blog? Satan already declared victory over your defeated life. Pull the blanket over your cold, shivering body and DIE.

D. GOD offers us the ABUNDANT LIFE, not just material excess, but the spiritual gifts and inner strengths that TRUMP any storm, any blizzard and any change in the forecast. Let your devotional life (prayer, meditation, study, etc.) be the thermostat that changes the temperature or measure of YOUR FAITH, not the other way around.

E. God is still God in the Winters, Springs, Summers & Falls - but are you the same believer?!


If you are NOT willing to adjust to THIS season’s weather conditions, then STOP reading!

We plant the seed, but it God who provides the sunshine and rain. What does this mean? If you have mustard seeds of faith planted in your spiritual garden, only GOD can substantiate GROWTH. Those seeds have to be planted DEEP enough that even the Ice Storm of 2001 cannot uproot the growth you’ve accomplished in the previous calendar months.

God did NOT say that winter wouldn’t come babe, but he said “Be of GOOD courage, for I have already overcome the WORLD.” Take the word “WORLD” out and input whatever worries you the most about the WINTER seasons in your life.

-loneliness                                  - low temperatures              -ice storms
-snow                                          -death -limitations               -solitude
-higher cost of living           -driving -transportation     -illness

You CAN make IT through WINTER; remember SPRING is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! - Tamz