Monday, January 19, 2009

Without Words

To live in a world that screams everything except Christ
It’s no wonder I’m swaying to the left while He’s firmly on the right

If we would all just respond to His knock at our heart’s door
We would not be burdened and our spirit would not be sore

We would see our lives through the eyes of a believer
A mountaintop view, a perspective much deeper

Than what our eyes can see and emotions can take us
Please do not be deceived, our battles are not there to break us

Instead, each test of faith just gives God another chance to prove
That He got everything under control – just watch Him move

Studying the seven realities of experiencing God has re-convinced me
That this crisis of believe is working out perfectly

You see I’ve spent the last few months rehearsing my misery
Too weak to step back and let God walk for me

But to be kept by Jesus – remember that song?
I had given up on myself but He knew all along

That when He quenched my thirst, there was a chance I’d stray
But eventually I’d return to a God that was the same yesterday, tomorrow and today

I was slow to open my Bible and meditate on his meal
Expecting that I could save myself from myself – Tam, are you for real?

But God heard through my cries, although I spoke not a single word
My tears were enough – none of my requests were blurred

I needed more of Him so He asked for more of me
A true stepping stone in finding your own reason to believe

So this note is for Jesus – I thank you for being who you are
Even when I can’t trace you, I know you’re never too far


Lil' Diddy said...

YES!!! Amen!! I can totally relate to this one Tam! I'm so glad you're back to posting. These are so great!

Mz. Quanta said...

Thanks for reminding me to get back to it boo!