Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Truth About “Busy” Work

Remember back in the day (pre-2008) when the term “busy work” came into play?

You know, like in school when the teacher would assign random handouts or homework assignments just to “keep us busy.” It was acceptable at the time, but as we got more grown and starting smelling ourselves we DEMANDED that every assignment given to us had a purpose and some measurement of credit behind it.

We was like “un uh, if it ain’t being graded, then I ain’t doing it.”

Well if you never uttered these words, I guess you can’t relate. However, for those of us who DO remember them days, let me suggest something to ya: Don’t be consumed by the act of being “busy.” A few years ago, a very wise man warned me of always being busy: Bound Under Satan’s Yoke! (Thanks Ron)

It caught my attention then, but man oh man have I seen the LIGHT now! When I think about how often my friends and family say, “Tam you stay busy” or “I guess you were too busy to call/text/e-mail me” I feel the guilt. Actually, I’m primarily annoyed because the phone and inbox works BOTH WAYS! Lol

But in all honesty, I look back over the past year for signs of progression and goals attained…yet not that much has been done that I can measure with a ruler or scale even. I’ve been “busy” all dang’on year but ain’t did nothing!

How did this happen?! I'll tell ya how: I got accustomed to being “busy” for the sheer sake of passing time. I’m not saying that I didn’t accomplish anything, that would be dumb to say LOL but considering all the time I spent running errands, checking off my daily to-do list and just being “busy” I don’t see many results other than being worn out, stressed and broke LOL

So I’m reminded of my younger self where I analyzed the smallest matters (pettiness) but I did it because I valued MY time. It’s time I stopped being BUSY/BOUND and started freeing up some idle time in my life. Time to rest, recuperate and rekindle the flame I had with God and the other loved ones that bit the dust over the past 8 years of my busy-ness.

Won’t you join me? Let’s stop accepting “busy” work: activities done JUST to appear that you are working on something or just to pass the time. Let’s be more INTENTIONAL with our actions.

This goes for ministry as well. How many ministries are we involved in or the leaders of that are just placeholders and time-consuming, "busy" work stations?

The people of God deserve purpose, not just a quota we decided to fill to make it appear that our church, our ministry, our "busy" selves are doing something.

Who's grading your paper?

I'm gonna share a lesson I learned the HARD WAY: not everyone's expectation of you is the same. Be sure that you know what your grading criteria is before you start ANY project, job, relationship or ministry. Why is it important? Because it will be used to measure your end result and if WE are living to be acceptable & pleasing in God's sight let's be real about it - S.M.A.R.T. goals won't work in heaven!

Remove the clutter so God can work!

After all, our time is precious.

Like KW said, “Ain’t no tuition for having no ambition and ain’t no loans for sitting yo…at home. So we forced to sell, rap and get a job. You gotta do something man yo…is grown!”



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