Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reflections: 1st Fridays Bible Study
Text: II Samuel 13 “You Got It Bad”

First of all, if you missed last week’s First Friday Bible Study hosted by UBCC’s IMAGE Ministry – consider yourself DEPRIVED!!! Minister Trell Hollis led a powerful and enlightening discussion/study over the story of Amnon & Tamar as told in II Samuel, Ch. 13. The title “You Got It Bad” inspired by Usher Raymond’s hit from the 8701 album puts a new-age connotation to an ancient problem: IDOLATRY! What is that “thing” or “person” placing a wedge between you and the Father? Is it worth it? Obviously, because it’s got a hold on you (emotionally, mentally, physically and of course spiritually).

Just admit that if we are honest with ourselves, WE GOT IT BAD!!!

Principle #1: If you are going to combat your infatuation or your obsession, you have to kill it before it gets started.

Principle #2: Ungodly obsessions are not only damaging to one’s spiritual health, but also their physical health.

Principle #3: Obsessions will lead you to rebel against what you know is right.

Principle #4: Obsession will cause you to lose perspective of the reality of who you are!

Principle #5: Your obsession will make you more susceptible to the plans and schemes of the enemy!

Principle #6: Your obsession can cause you to miss out on the very thing you are obsessed about!

Principle #7: Your obsession can cause you to confuse what you can’t live without with the thing you need to live without.

My Conclusion:
There are people and things in our lives that start out as blessings yet over time, show themselves to be distractions, temptations, strongholds or just gateways to sin. Take some time and think about what and/or who has taken priority over God in your life. That new/old relationship, that new promotion or just our old buddy PRIDE could be detaching us from the vine (John 15). Seek first, the kingdom of heaven and He will give you the desires of your heart (according to HIS WILL).

I leave you with this one question: IS “IT” WORTH YOUR PLACE IN HEAVEN?

Thanks Trell for blessing us & thanks to all for reading.*


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