Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diary of a FRUSTRATED Black Woman: The Series


Preview Entry List

My Hair: Blessing or Curse? Inside take on weave, natural & everything in between!
My Skin: Does shade really matter?
Go BIG girl, what you gon’ do? Full-figured & BEAUTIFUL!
Understanding your role (spiritual vs. practical)
Workplace Dynamics: Is There An Even Playing Field?
Those who can’t COOK, order…will he still wife you?
Accessories: the ones you CAN’T take off
Is There A Heart in the House Tonight? Judgment in the Church
Fashion: Dressing for the Occasion
Talk To Her (Respecting My Sista): Manners, Unity & Empowerment
The Balancing Act: Being Professional but Not Forgetting Your Roots
The B-WORD: Who you calling a B*TCH?!
I’m A Flirt: No Harm, No Foul? WRONG!
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T: What’s the HARM in that?
Bad Habits: An Analysis on the Destiny Child’s Classic
Birth Control: Is it a requirement? Safe Sex: Is It An Oxymoron?
The Waiting Game: Does it even matter?
The L-Word: Lesbianism – your thoughts?
A Diamond Is A Girl’s Best Friend & A Woman’s Safe Deposit Box
COLLEGE: Is it worth it?
He Put A Ring On It…now what?
Tell Him The TRUTH: CHEATING on Accident?
Motherhood: Living for my children
Teen Pregnancy: An Epidemic Choking Our Culture
Shopping Is My Escape, but is it Costing More than I bargained for?

Let me know which ones you like/dislike!

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