Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning from the Oldies: LIFE LESSONS taught by R&B Classics

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a MUSIC FANATIC. So of course, my musical interests are diverse: country, R&B, gospel, rap, blues, etc. However, when I want an emotional release to clear my head, give me a laugh or help me vent I find myself dipping & dabbing in some of the music my mom played on her record player. I can recall plenty of times where I would sit and listen to some Prince, Michael Jackson, Teddy P. & a slew of others. I was only a young buck (12 yrs old), but the songs spoke to me. LOL As an adult, I started to actually listen to the lyrics. This analysis led to a few conclusions: 1). Music is a lost art 2). Real music outlives the time period in which it is created & 3). All my older adult friends/family better not say nothing about how disrespectful, sexually-oriented our music is because honey sugar iced tea y’all was doing the same thang!

*chuckle, it’s ok to laugh*

So of the numerous selections I had to choose from, these were the first ones that popped up in my head & media player on my phone. These songs taught me a lot about life, love & everything in between. Go back in time with me for a minute…I know what you’re gonna say: “what about so-and-so” & “why you put it on the list.” It’s not an all-inclusive trip, just a speed bump in the musical era I call, “The Oldies but Goodies.”

No Pain, No Gain (Betty Wright)
Anything worth havin' at all
Is worth workin’ for and waitin' for
Some gifts are just to make him feel better while he's on his guilt trip
Sometimes flowers mean "Maybe we should just be friends"
In order to be something
You got to go through something
Be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the streets
You can't show your teeth to every guy you meet
It's alright to be a little sweet
But be a mama with the kids and you know what in the sheets
No pain [No pain], no pain [No pain]
No gain [No gain]

*LESSON: Love is a plant – it needs both SUN & RAIN!

If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right (Percy Sledge):
*LESSON: Don’t be no fool – you will never be happy with a MARRIED MAN! He ain’t leaving his wife & ain’t gon WIFE you. You shouldn’t want a man that would CHEAT with you ANYWAY!

Always & Forever (Lutha Vandross)
Always and forever
Each moment with you
Is just like a dream to me
That somehow came true, yeah
And I know tomorrow
Will still be the same
'Cause we got a life of love
That won't ever change


‘Cause I Love You (Lenny Williams)
*LESSON: When a man truly loves a woman, he can’t eat, sleep or think about anything but her. If yo’ man ain’t fighting for you, then ask yourself – WHY? If you ain’t fighting for him, then maybe the feelings are mutual.

Stairway to Heaven (O’Jays) – ENUFF SAID!

Woman to Woman (Shirley Brown)
*LESSONs: Understand your POWER & VALUE as a woman. Secure women don’t go after men that are already attached. Know that I’m gonna check ya if you have overstepped your boundaries with my man. At the end of the day, I was me before I met him & honey I hope you can say the same.

Ribbon in the Sky (Stevie Wonder): ENUFF SAID

I Apologize (Anita Baker)
*LESSON: Be woman enough to say you’re SORRY. We yell at men for upsetting us and not caring about our feelings, but when we wrong we try to cover it up and excuse it. Wrong is wrong and even if he is wrong 99% of the time, you need to be secure enough to accept blame & take responsibility for mending the problem you created during your 1%.

We are FAMILY (Sister Sledge)
*LESSON: Family sticks together. It starts with immediate family, then extended family, then family in the Faith. Unity empowers us and selfishness will DESTROY us.

Practice What You Preach (Barry White): ENUFF SAID!

Superwoman (Karyn White)
*LESSON: Every once in a while we (women) have to remind them (men) that we are not SUPERWOMEN. Yes, we take care of the kids, clean the house, work a full-time job & try to keep you satisfied but please believe: there is going to come a time when we won’t be so eager to be at your every beck & call. So treat us right or be a lonely fool. It can't be one-sided: we both hafta give our time, heart & effort to make it work.

So Much Love (B Angie B)
*LESSON: Men (and women) will stray, sometimes even when the grass IS green on their side. You can’t waste time PROVING you’re good enough for him. If he can’t tell, let HIM GO! Fight for your man, but you shouldn’t want ANYBODY that DON’T WANT YOU! Simple as that.

After the Love Is Gone (Earth, Wind & Fire)
It’s best to end a relationship while the friendship still exists. Nothing good comes from staying in an emotionless, LOVEless situation. It’s not fair to you or them. Know when to walk away. Sticking around is worse than being REAL about your issues. Love ‘em enough to let them find someone BETTER.

Love & Happiness (Al Green)
Love and happiness
Something that can make you do wrong,
Make you do right

*LESSON: Love is crazy enough to make you act a PLUM FOOL but sweet enough to get you through some of the roughest time.

It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay (Whitney Houston)
Ladies, if you find out your man cheating. Don’t make a scene, don’t cuss HER out and please do not bust the windows out his car or key it. Keep your composure, remember that what goes around comes around and LEAVE! He’ll regret degrading you and if he doesn’t – OH WELL.

Whitney said it best: I can pay my own rent. Pay my light bill & take care of my babies.

Hope you enjoyed this flashback! As always, thanks for reading.


Mz Dee said...

Stop playing!!!! I absolutely love it! So true.

veeBizzy said...

I enjoyed it as well! Got me thinking because I use music lyrics to reinforce messages to my daughter. New school wise - "Statistics" by Lyfe Jennings is a great lesson.

Miss Quanta said...

Love you both! I enjoyed writing it. Yep, statistics is a great teacher.