Monday, October 3, 2011


We all can be critical. It’s been said that “you are your own worst enemy.”
I believe that because when I arise in the morning, one of the first things I do is go to my bathroom mirror.

During this time I slowly open my eyes as they adjust to the light. Then I take a quick glance in the vanity mirror. Why? Because I want to see HOW MY DAY IS GONNA GO; you see, during this quick 90 seconds or less I analysis my reflection:

EYES: Any dark circles, puffiness, redness, CRUST
FACE: Any dryness? Did I remove all the make-up from yesterday?
MOUTH: Are my lips cracked? Do I have any visible slobber residue?

*THESE ARE IMPT QUESTIONS! The answers dictate my morning…just wait and see!*

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a “no-rush, no-fuss” kind of person. Meaning I attempt to make it on time, but I prioritize everything I do in the morning and if it means I show up 10-25 minutes late, so be it. I guess I would apologize for this tardiness, but I really INTEND to be on time EVERY morning…just doesn’t work out so well all the time.

Back to this CRITICAL EYE though. So I plug up the clothing iron and flat iron – I call these acts “daily preparation” because even though I have not picked out the day’s outfit or hairstyle, these gadgets are absolutely needed before I can walk out the door and need time to heat up. Okay, so let’s address the results of the morning’s analysis.

EYES: Depending on whether I actually LOOK tired vs. just feeling sleep–deprived, I have a few options.

1. I could hop in the shower and hopefully WAKE myself up.
2. I could do both #1 plus use my personal collection of Mary Kay eye make-up/eye care products.

*NOTE: I ALWAYS do #1; #2 is really for 1 of 3 purposes: #1 I want to look presentable for the day or #2 I have a Mary Kay meeting/event later today or #3 I need to COVER UP some trouble spots in random order.

FACE: Depending on the whether I had make-up on yesterday OR am having a rough day:

1. I could use my Mary Kay 3-In-1 Cleanser & Moisturizer, then analysis later.
2. I could use my Mary Kay Micro-dermabrasion Refine & Replenish Set.
3. I could do both #1 and #2 plus use my personal collection of Mary Kay make-up/skin care products.

*NOTE: I ALWAYS do #1; #2 is a weekly or bi-weekly routine; However, it really comes down to 1 of 3 reasons: #1 I want to look sassy, #2 I have a Mary Kay meeting/event later today or #3 I need to COVER UP some trouble spots in random order.

MOUTH: Depending on just the JACKED up-ness of these luscious lips AFTER washing my face and brushing my teeth I have a few options as well:

1. I could use my Mary Kay Satin Lip Set.
2. I could use some lip balm, lip suede, lip nectar or lip gloss to make ‘em POP!

*NOTE: I always do #2 because we live in KC and the weather (wind, humidity or crazy temps) will force you to apply something or look like a crack head on the Dave Chapelle Show.

So you see there is a CRITICAL EYE in everyone’s normal routine.

Here’s the deeper issue tho…

When you pay THIS MUCH attention to your own outward appearance, you more than likely will turn that CRITICAL EYE to the public! The strangers you see on the street, your co-workers, friends, even the family in your own house. I went to a Mary Kay workshop a few weeks ago, I heard a NSD say “criticism is NEVER constructive.” I see where she was going with this, but I think there are some grey areas.

Like for instance, if analysis of your outward appearance, inner character, speech or behavior AFFECTS your employment, discipleship, reputation or treatment, then YES, we should all be inclined to receive feedback, or namely, constructive criticism. HOWEVER, constructive criticism turns into the CRITICAL EYE if left in the wrong hands.

Synonyms of CRITICISM: censure, disapproval, condemnation, judgment, analysis, appreciation

Antonyms of CRITICISM: allow, approval, enable, un-opinionated, carelessness, devalue

These are VERY thin, almost transparent lines that separate each side of CRITICISM. I think H-TOWN was on to something when they said, “It’s a THIN line between LOVE and HATE.” So your FAN can become a HATER in 0.5 seconds…if you INTERPRET or RECEIVE the CRITICAL EYE in a way the FAN never INTENDED you to ACCEPT it.

This is basic communication theory: a sender sends a message to a receiver, NOISE occurs; then, the receiver receives a message from the sender. NOTICE I did NOT say the message the sender sent is the exact same message the receiver gets. The NOISE factor is so crucial and is of the UTMOST importance in this communication cycle.

NOISE is the sound, clatter, racket or any other DISTRACTION that causes a BARRIER for the sender to get the message across and the receiver to in fact, receive the INTENDED message the sender INTENDED to transfer. Please do not let you PRIDE, IGNORANCE or EMOTIONS block the POSITIVE, PRUNING message GOD intended for YOU to receive!

We should not ALLOW the NOISE of our FLESH to destroy the PURPOSE of the MESSAGE. Spiritual Application: Harden not your HEART toward the WORD of GOD; it could come from a scripture, devotional or word of mouth. Practical Application: Before you SPEAK out of your mind, check YOUR HEART and consider the messenger’s INTENT. It could save a lot of “hurt” feelings and “cuss-out sessions.”

We in the same picture, but we all got different poses. Each one of us did NOT deserve Christ, but that didn’t stop God from giving His life on our behalf. Before you CRITICIZE another, take an inward evaluation of your MOTIVES. It would be far better to do self-development before focusing on MENTORING someone else in the FAITH. We all NEED JESUS, We all NEED GRACE & MERCY from God. We all NEED the Holy Spirit to dwell in us 24/7 as we enter into spiritual warfare on a daily basis.

So let us not forget that if it HAD NOT BEEN for the mothers that taught us how to be ladies, the fathers that taught us how to keep a man, the elders that kept us in check, the friends that taught us to stay in touch with fashion, the many HATERS that keep us on top of our toes and more importantly our Father in Heaven that constantly teaches us HOW TO EMMULATE CHRIST, where would we be? Turn that CRITICAL EYE first on yourself as you compare your LIFE to CHRIST! The rest of the world will have to check THEIR REFLECTION on their own, either in the private MIRRORS in their life or the public EYES of God on the day in which we will all sit at the FEET of Jesus.


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