Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do More

Confess your sins, but do more than just confess – repent and turn away from IT.

Repent and turn from IT, but do more than that – show compassion for believers who still struggle with IT.

Show compassion for your fellow believers, but do more than that – pray for those believers to utilize the self-control God has afforded to them. Let them know that there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

*Note: You cannot pass JUDGMENT but call it ACCOUNTABILITY; people CONDEMN, the Holy Spirit CONVICTS – know YOUR role within the spiritual recovery cycle of the Kingdom.

Pray for those believers to utilize the self-control God has afforded to them, but do more than that. Pray for the sin to dissipate, pray for those believers to testify to other believers, atheists and the doubtful about how the Lord walked WITH them.

After prayer (the spiritual evaluation of the circumstance), THEN you move to the practical application of the Word.

*Note: Practical application of the WORD is not your interpretation of the Word. We do not need to sugarcoat or reduce the severity of its commands. It is a double-edged sword.

For example: God says “Do not grow weary in well-doing.” That means:

1. You WILL grow weary in well-doing
2. When you do grow weary, be of good courage; God is with you always.

So the best thing to do is pray about EVERYTHING, panic about NOTHING!

Can I remind you bro/sis that the word mentions that God takes care of the birds of the air and the animals of the land, so why should we PRAY & WORRY?

Did God not give MAN dominion over the WORLD?

So it is NOT that we lack authority or power to change, it is that we allow our PRIDE, IGNORANCE and IMMATURITY to weaken our position of influence.

God Bless!

Tamz Devotional Inspired by my fellow believers, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit

Sources: Matthew 6:1-34; Hebrews 4:12


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