Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Curse

It still amazes me how easy it is to be a fool
Either for love, lust or for the sake of breaking a rule
I look back into a phase of my life not too long ago
Caught up in being every man’s dream, you know

Wearing just the right length of dress to catch an eye
Seductive scents of perfume, willing to tell any lie
See I could get what I wanted from a tweak of my tone
Soft whisper, sweet smile, maybe let out a moan

‘Cause to him, he was king and I, a servant
As long as I played my helpless role, he’d be there to work it
Ignorant to the fact that we were both playing each other
Saying “I Love You” but sleeping with another

That’s why I laugh when I hear you trying to spit game
You might have read my badge, but honey you do not know my name
Yea, you might have the bomb but what else you got
I’m in need of something more than an hour or two on the clock

I’ve accepted the reality that I once lived under a curse
But after reading Proverbs 31, letting it continue would be even worse

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