Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Save Me From Myself

Can anybody help me, am I the only one
Who’s so self-righteous to think I’m brighter than the sun
Have I come that far in the faith walk with Christ
That I feel like I no longer need His light
Yea, I know that I don’t do half the things I used to do
But why do I feel like I’m better than you

I think I forgot one of the kernels I got from my mother
“No sin is ever greater than another”
See God I’m trying to be just like you, trying to rid my life from sin
But as soon as I lose one, the sin of judgment comes back in
If I’ve surrendered my own purpose for His sight
Why can’t all my friends and family just get right

Why they keep asking me to go to the club
Why men keep prompting me to share my love
Can’t they tell that I’ve changed my focus
And it wasn’t the result of just a rare hocus pocus
They look at me and they see the same Tam
Why is it so hard for them to understand

Why do I have to apologize for wanting change
It’s not that I look at them as if they should be ashamed
Jesus please take me off my high horse before it’s too late
I don’t want to be the belt that non-believers have to take
If I’ve pushed someone away from You Lord I ask for forgiveness
I must’ve had my own agenda – it was definitely senseless

Sometimes we get so far in our faith that the ex-files leave our memory
I forgot that all that sin you’re wrapped up in was once a part of me
Lord, I ask for a sense of humility, and a non-judging spirit
If there’s such a thing as a hypocritical Christian, please let me not be it
‘Cause unlike those convicting fingers I point at you and you
They are not as clean as I think – even when I’m covered in perfume

Lord let them see me as the re-formed cheater, liar, back-bitter and snake
Let it push them to a Godly desire, the motive for each breath I take

1 comment:

Diddy G said...

yeah shawty! i feel you on this one! but, i've come to realize, that one day they will see. we just have to stay on our path. love ya!