Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Flip Of The Coin

As I have accepted the mission God’s spoken on my life
I’d like to take a minute to discuss why others think twice
It would be ignorant to think that building faith is so easy
It took me 23 years and I still need Him to cleanse me

It comes down to this, a flip of a coin
50% chance you’ll go your way and 50% chance you’ll join
The loving body of Christ, He gave us free will
No one’s gonna walk for you and that’s real

There’s at least one barrier holding you back
From giving your life to Him – refusing Satan’s attack
It’s up to you to make the final decision
Either accept or reject that He has since risen

Doubt is usually the stem of all this confusion
Just one of the most powerful weapons Satan is using
If he can get you to question God’s presence
He also succeeds in keeping you out of heaven

We foolishly rely on the limitations of our own selfish reasoning
How can I give my life to an unseen being
Let me give you a few words to keep in the midst
I’ll say my piece and you’ll get the jist

I believe that if you don’t fear God, you won’t crave Him or relinquish control
You’ll continue to live life the same and your spirituality will be at the bottom of the totem pole
But if you can agree that life is a flip of a coin – then do the math
What’s the probability that you’ll survive His wrath?

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